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Monday 10th of September

Chris Philips Intersubband Transitions: their Physics and their Future.
A. Vasanelli Polaritonic emission from an electrically injected semiconductor device.
H. Choi Dynamics of Photon-driven Electron Transport in InGaAs/InAlAs Quantum Cascade Lasers
I. Savic Density matrix description of transport and gain in quantum cascade laser in a magnetic field.
Q. Yang High quantum-efficiency GainAs/Al(Ga)AsSB quantum cascade lasers for the 3-5 micrometer
D. Revin Short Wavelength and Strain Compensated InGaAs/AlAsSb Quantum Cascade Laseres
M. Semtsiv Inter-Valley Charge Transfer in Short-Wavelength InGaAs-AlAs Quantum Cascade Lasers
K. J. Franz Cascaded Emission from Excited State Mid-Infrared Quantum Cascade Lasers
M.I. Armanti Study and improvement of THz Quantum Cascade laser beam-pattern for different waveguides configurations.
E. Orlova Directivity of sub-wavelength wire lasers.
Y. Chassagneux Sub-wavelength optical mode volumes for terahertz quantum cascade lasers.
A.Benz Photonic crystals used as resonators for terahertz quantum-cascade lasers.

Tuesday 11th of September

S. Schartner Probing the photonic band structure by resonant responsivity enhancement in QWIPs..
C.Koeniquer Quantum Cascade Detector at 5 micrometers..
G. Bahir Quantum Cascade NIR-detection at room temperature in GaN/AlN heterostructure..
H. Schneider Quadratic autocorrelation and photocurrent saturation study in two-photon QWIPs.
H.E. Beere MBE for THz QCL
G. Scalari Laser emission at 830 and 960 GHz from quantum cascade structures.
S. Kumar Terahertz quantum-cascade lasers with resonant-phonon depopulation: high-temperature and low-frequency operation.
R.P. Green Time resolved photocurrent measurements of terahertz QCLs.
M.S. Vitello Demonstration of high wall plug efficiency THz QCLs: investigation of the optical, electronic and thermal performance.
G. Samarico Thermal and electronic analysis of GaInAs/AlInAs mid-IR QCLs.
Z. Lui Temperature-dependent Gain and Loss in Room-temperature Continuous-wave Quantum Cascade Lasers between 8.2-10.3 micrometer..
M.Giehler Mode behaviour, waveguide losses, and gain of two-sectioned, coupled-cavity GaAs/(Al,Ga)As terahertz and mid-infrared quantum-cascade lasers.
H. Luo THz-QCLs based on three-well active modules and injection barrier effects on device performance.
I. Waldmueller Who needs population inversion? Automatically phase-matched quantum coherence contributions as a source for THz radiation.
A.B. Hummel Ultrafast Fiske Effect and the Question of Chaotic Electron Motion Semiconductor Superlattices.
A. Seilmeier Coherent Intersubband Excitations on a Picosecond Time Scale.
S.A. Tarasenko Circular Photon Drag Effect in Quantum Wells.

Wednesday 12th of Septwmber

J.Darmo THz Quantum Cascade Lasers: THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Study.
C. Walther Long wavelength Terahertz Quantum Cascade Lasers emitting down to 1.2 THz.
R. Nelander The Effects of Temperature on the Gain Profile of THz Quantum Cascade Lasers..
A. Wade LO-phonon assisted injection observed in a THz Quantum Cascade Laser.
A. Belyanin Resonant Nonlinear Optics in Coupled Quantum Wells: From Lasers to Detectors.
S. Barbieri GHz sideband generation with THz quantum cascade lasers.
M.A. Belkin Development of Terahertz Sources Based on Intra-Cavity Difference-Frequency Generation in Quantum Cascade Lasers.
C.C. Phillips Wavelength conversion and All-Optical Switching in Quantum Cascade Lasers.
E.A. Zibik Four wave mixing studies of polaron dephasing in InAs/GaAs self-assembled quantum dots.
N. Vukmirović Quantum transport in quantum dot cascade structures.
L. Nevou Intraband emission of GaN quantum dots at &lambda = 1.5 micrometer via resonant Raman scattering.

Thursday 13th of September

N. Iizuka Intersubband Transition in GaN/AlN Multiple Quantum Wells for Optical Switches.
F H Julien Room-temperature Intersubband Emission from GaN/AlN Quantum Wells at &lambda &asymp 2 micrometer.
M. Halsall IGrowth by MOVPE of AlGaN/GaN structures with intersubband transitions in the 1.2-1.7 micrometer region of the spectrum.
M Tchernycheva Intersubband spectroscopy of electron tunnelling in GaN/AlN coupled quantum wells.
A A Anappara Harnessing light-matter interaction in intersubband microcavities.
D Austin Quantum cascade lasers with facet-patterned nano-antennas for near field vibrational spectroscopy.
J Heinrich Quantum cascade micro-lasers with two-dimensional photoniccrystal reflectors.
V Moreau .Direct imaging of a laser mode via mid-infrared near-field microscopy.
P. Dean Diffuse Terahertz Reflection Imaging Using Quantum Cascade Lasers
K. Akita Ultrafast Intersubband All-Optical Switch in Wide-gap II-VI Quantum Well toward Lower Switching Energy Operation.
G. Sun Strain Free Ge/GeSiSn Quantum Cascade Laser Based on L-valley Intersubband Transitions.
M Virgilio Selection rules for intersubband transitions in valley split [001]-Ge quantum wells.
L. Lever The effects of inter-diffusion in Si-SiGe quantum cascade devices.